Plate/Tray Scrubber

The rugged yet versatile Macrotek MJ Plate/Tray Scrubber has been successfully applied to a diverse range of industrial emissions. Macrotek's well proven Impingement Baffle Plate design propels dirty gas upwards through a flooded perforated plate as it collides with a wetted target directly above each orifice. The highly turbulent action of these jets creates a uniform gas-liquid contact zone for maximum cleaning, absorption, and heat transfer. The turbulent cleaning action also serves to flush the collected particulate off the plates.

Caustic FGD Scrubber for a major U.S. energy provider


  • "All-in-one" approach - removes particulate, absorbs contaminants, and cools gases.
  • Contains no moving parts and scrubber internals are readily accessible for routine maintenance and replacement.
  • High efficiencies for particulate collection and high mass transfer rates for gas absorption are achieved at low pressure drops and liquid consumption rates.
  • Both particulate and gases can be collected at the same time from the same gas stream.
  • Scrubbing liquid can be re-circulated to the top plate stage and high concentration slurries can be tolerated.
  • Chemical reagents can be added to the recirculation liquid to improve gas absorption efficiency.
  • Fully customized, site-specific package, including fan, re-circulating liquid system, and controls.


Common applications include, but are not limited to the below. For specialized and unique systems, contact Macrotek.

  • Particulate matter
  • SO2
  • HCl & other acids
  • HF
  • Cl2
  • NH3