Macrotek Awarded Half a Million Dollar Contract for Complex Scrubber Systems

Macrotek was awarded phase two of a metal extraction project which includes detailed engineering and fabrication of two complex scrubber systems for a gold extraction plant in Thetford, Quebec.

In one system, the flue gas from a roaster is at high temperature and contains multiple contaminants including particulate, arsenic, and SO2. The high SO2 content allows for sulfuric acid recovery which can be used in the plant or sold. Macrotek’s design includes hot gas filtration (to remove usable product), sub-cooling, re-heating and cold filtration (to remove arsenic), and SO2 neutralization and sulfuric acid generation with hydrogen peroxide.

This SO2 scrubbing process converts the contaminant into a highly valuable, concentrated sulfuric acid by-product which can be re-cycled elsewhere in the plant, whereas traditional SO2 scrubbing methods produce wastewater streams that must be treated.

In the second system, flue gas from reactors containing high CO2, Bromine, Chlorine, HCl and HBr is treated in a multi-zone scrubber to remove contaminants before clean gas is vented. The regeneration of Bromine and Chlorine is desirable and economical however the high CO2 with alkaline reagents creates undesirable by-products which interfere with the regeneration process. Macrotek’s multi-stage process is designed to strategically remove the Bromine and Chlorine in a short retention time cross-flow section which is followed by a conventional counter-current packed section.

This type of cross flow scrubber is unique to Macrotek and allows gas with high levels of CO2 to be economically treated by significantly reducing reagent and wastewater requirements.

Engineering is currently in progress at Macrotek with project completion expected in the first quarter of 2014.

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