SULFCAT® is an innovative technology that efficiently removes Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) from a variety of industrial gas streams, including natural gas deposits and anaerobic processes. The extremely hazardous and corrosive nature of H2S makes it necessary to scrub the gas from these processes.
SULFCAT uses a non-hazardous, regenerative reagent to remove H2S from industrial gas streams while minimizing operating costs.

SULFCAT® system for natural gas sweetening

The SULFCAT process dramatically reduces the consumable reagent and water requirements when compared to competing technologies. It also significantly lowers wastewater treatment costs and generates a potentially marketable by-product (elemental sulfur). Emissions of H2S are removed at levels greater than 99% and the process can be configured to remove H2S down to <1ppm if needed.

How it works

The SULFCAT process works by first absorbing H2S from the gas stream with a specially designed absorber system (see diagram). The H2S then undergoes a series of reactions that convert the absorbed H2S gas to elemental sulfur and water. The reactions are promoted by a suspension of stabilized, sub-micron-sized iron-based particles. The solid sulfur is filtered out of the solution and the filtrate is recycled back to the process to capture more H2S.

SULFCAT® pump skid

A number of reaction pathways occur in the process, however, all reactions can be summarized by the following overall reaction:

H2S + ½O2 → S(solid) + H2O

The SULFCAT process is delivered using Macrotek’s novel process gas scrubbing systems.

1. H2S is absorbed in Macrotek’s advanced absorber tower.
2. A Macrotek Oxidation Vessel regenerates the SULFCAT® reagent and releases the elemental sulfur.
3. The elemental sulphur is filtered out of the solution. The filtrate is then recycled back into the process.

Benefits of SULFCAT

There are several key benefits to SULFCAT compared to traditional technologies:

  • Reagent is continually regenerated and is not consumed by the reaction
  • Minimizes waste generation
  • Minimizes water consumption
  • Generates usable by-product
  • High removal efficiency
  • Low operating cost
  • Compact modular design
  • Reliable and proven gas cleaning
  • Simple, automated operation
SULFCAT® sulfur bin
SULFCAT® filter cake

The SULFCAT Advantage

SULFCAT technology is not only innovative and unique, but also proven and economical. The process reduces the generation of wastewater that may need treatment or disposal compared to many conventional technologies. The nonhazardous reagent generates a usable by-product without being consumed in the reaction. Other consumable reagents,such as water, are also minimized compared to alternative technologies.

These combined features as well as many other benefits of SULFCAT result in reduced operating costs while maintaining low capital costs.

Process FeaturesSULFCAT®Chelated Iron ProcessesChemical OxidationScavengersBio Filters
Minimal waste generation+++
Regenerative reagent+++
Low reagent consumption+++
Non-hazardous reagent++
Usable by-product generation+++
Low fresh water requirement++++
High turndown++++
Ability to handle process variability+++
Low operating costs++
Low capital costs++++

SULFCAT Applications

Some of the wide range of sectors that would benefit from SULFCAT include:

  • Industrial production processes
  • Biogas production systems
  • Hydrocarbon processing
  • Landfill gas treatment
  • Mining and roasting
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Municipal wastewater treatment processes
  • Geothermal steam production
  • Gasification and syngas production
  • Oil production
  • Fertilizer production
  • Natural gas processing
  • Refineries and flares

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