Macrotek Presents at Gasification and Syngas Technologies Conference

Macrotek Inc., a major air pollution control designer and supplier, presented at this year’s Gasification and Syngas Technologies Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Macrotek President, Peter Ristevski, highlighted its SULFCAT™ technology – Macrotek’s innovative method of H2S removal.

This unique technology uses an innovative catalytic reagent to convert the H2S into solid sulfur, a saleable by-product. The reagent is not consumed in the process. Chemical consumption is significantly reduced and operating cost savings are realized compared to the chemical oxidation process. The SULFCAT™ system has been proven through intensive testing in Macrotek’s pilot plant.

“There was great interest in Macrotek’s SULFCAT process throughout the conference,” says Ristevski. “Interest here as well as inquiries from various other sources makes it clear that there is a need for this product and Macrotek is thrilled to be offering it.”

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