Macrotek Selected for Groundbreaking Commercial Plasma Gasification Facility

The engineering release of a major gas quality control system contract has been awarded to Macrotek Inc., an industry leader in pollution control. 

Plasco Energy Group, an innovative Canadian technology company that converts post-recycled municipal solid waste into green power and other valuable products, has selected Macrotek for the design and engineering of their commercial gas cleanup system. The process will include the removal of H2S, HCl, ammonia, and heavy metals with the use of Macrotek’s advanced wet scrubbing technologies, particulate removal processes, followed by a polishing activated carbon bed.

Macrotek has been supporting Plasco with the development and commercialization of its groundbreaking plasma gas conversion technology for over a decade, designing and supplying the original system for the Trail Road Demonstration Facility, the only operating commercial-scale conversion facility in the world that converts municipal solid waste into a consistent syngas that can run reciprocating gas engines to generate electricity. Macrotek also supported with start-up, troubleshooting, and all improvements and modifications in the facility.

“We are very excited to be continuing our partnership with Plasco Energy Group while we work together towards an innovative process that will change the way communities deal with waste,” says Peter Ristevski, President of Macrotek. “Macrotek strives to contribute to revolutionary projects and Plasco’s plasma gasification facility certainly is just that”.

Engineering for the gas quality control system is now underway.

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