Macrotek’s Regenerative H2S Removal System Selected for Landfill Gas Cleanup

Macrotek Inc., a global air pollution control expert, was selected to design and build an H2S gas removal system for a landfill gas cleanup application in the Midwestern United States.

The landfill operates a landfill gas-fired electrical generating facility. The system will be replacing a conventional chemical oxidation scrubber and will offer many efficiencies. Macrotek’s regenerative technology efficiently removes H2S from a variety of industrial gas streams while dramatically reducing the consumable reagent and water requirements when compared to competing technologies. It also significantly lowers wastewater treatment costs and generates a marketable by-product (elemental Sulfur).

Macrotek will design, engineer, and deliver a skid mounted H2S removal system that will be pre-wired and pre-piped to minimize field labour and cost. The system will recover 1.5 tonnes per day of Sulfur.

One of the key benefits of Macrotek’s new H2S removal systems is the high degree of operating flexibility. The proposed system will be capable of handling wide fluctuations in flow and composition.

Macrotek’s novel technology is also well-suited to many other H2S removal applications such as oil and gas production, wastewater and sewer gas treatment, biogas production, as well as numerous other industrial processes.

The landfill gas cleanup project is nearing the end of completion with delivery expected in the coming weeks.

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