Gasification & Synthetic Gas

Gasification and synthetic gas production from various waste products are becoming increasingly important energy recovery technologies.

Often, the synthetic gas contains various hazardous contaminants including H2S, HCl and other acids, heavy metals, and tars

The gas requires cleaning before it is introduced in the engine or boiler. Most of these processes generate significant concentration of tars. The tars can vary from very low molecular weight to large and complex chains.

The combination of these contaminants demand the most advanced integrated gas clean-up solution. Macrotek has been supporting the gasification and synthetic gas production industry since the 1980s and has supplied a full scale system that has been operating for several years.

Our advanced, integrated systems include a quench tower, absorber-cooler and venturi wet collection system, followed by a conditioning dry dust collector, and finally a carbon bed polishing unit.

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Macrotek Inc. offers a variety of air pollution control systems to suit a broad range of environmental requirements.

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