Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) involves the removal of sulfur dioxide and other acids from flue gases. Typical sources of acid gases include fossil fuel boilers, waste combustors, and other industrial applications such as refining and smelting. The Macrotek wet and dry FGD systems can achieve over 99% acid removal by using a variety of reagents, including caustic, sodium carbonate, lime and limestone, and waste alkaline solids or liquids.

Using waste products for neutralization in wet FGD will result in lower reagent utilization and reduced waste disposal resulting in significant savings in operating costs. The most common approach is to treat the flue gas in a spray tower absorber vessel. Slurry is sprayed counter-current to the gas flow.

Macrotek’s dry FGD design incorporates in-duct injection technology. A pulse-jet fabric filter is used for particulate removal and enhanced acid neutralization. Activated carbon can be added to improve mercury, heavy metal, and dioxin removal.

Macrotek’s removal technologies include:

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