Incineration & Thermal Treatment

Waste incineration, including solid municipal and hazardous waste, biomedical waste and hazardous liquid are all continually under more stringent scrutiny by regulators. Macrotek has designed and supplied many integrated systems to meet most guidelines. In several installations, hazardous waste has been combined with radioactive waste, requiring nearly non-detectable emission levels for many of the contaminants.

Macrotek has installed and tested systems for these processes with the results significantly better than required standards.

Macrotek has designed numerous cutting edge technologies that include integrated wet and dry scrubbers followed by a polishing carbon bed. Macrotek’s global solution included acid gas absorbers, particulate control, and dioxin removal. Macrotek’s scope includes design of the complete system, vessels, pump and piping system, instrumentation and controls, structural support and access.

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Macrotek Inc. offers a variety of air pollution control systems to suit a broad range of environmental requirements.

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