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Eductor Scrubbers

Eductors (also known as jet pump ejectors, and venturi pumps) are the most efficient way to pump or move many types of liquids and gases in the petrochemical, process, and power industries. Eductor scrubbers are widely used for tank vent control and applications where fans cannot be used.


Macrotek’s high efficiency cyclonic dust collectors are engineered to include specialty design features that provide high efficiency at low pressure drop. Centrifugal force separates suspended particles from the gas for high efficiency gas cleaning. The gas is introduced through the special involute inlet, producing a spiralling motion which directs solids entrained in the gas to the outer wall. The centre core of clean gas is extracted through a concentric outlet tube into a sealed hopper from which it is collected without disrupting internal flow.

Eductor scrubber for electric utility company

Air Intake Filters & Silencers

Macrotek offers custom designed intake filters for gas turbines and large blower applications offering reverse pulse-jet and multistage panel filter designs. In conjunction with Intake filters Macrotek also develops custom designed absorptive style splitter silencers for gas turbine intakes.

Mist Eliminator

Macrotek offers a full line of mist elimination products for use in removing entrained liquids. Macrotek’s family of mist elimination systems has been engineered to provide the highest levels of operational efficiency in a variety of horizontal and vertical flow applications.

Horizontal Cross Flow Humidifier

It is essential that many industrial gases be saturated and conditioned. Macrotek’s cross flow humidifier accomplishes this cost effectively by using a series of water dispersion methods and random packing to bring ambient or moderate temperature industrial gases to saturation. A common application for this product is the biofilter industry where moist, humid air is necessary for proper operation.


Macrotek offers steel or alloy stacks designed to the latest ASME code, both as part of our systems or as stand-alone components.


There have been many recent improvements in the bioscrubber industry that have made it a more attractive industrial option for treatment of certain odourous gases where the gas flow rate is consistent and steady over extended periods of time, such as waste water treatment plants. Colonies of sulphur-consuming bacteria populate a section of scrubber packing inside the bioscrubber vessel, consuming gases such as H2S and VOC’s as a part of their metabolic function. Bioscrubbers offer a low operating cost method of air pollution control where applicable.

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