Plate/Tray Scrubbers

The rugged yet versatile Macrotek MJ Plate/Tray Scrubber has been successfully applied to a diverse range of industrial emissions. Macrotek’s well proven Impingement Baffle Plate design propels dirty gas upwards through a flooded perforated plate as it collides with a wetted target directly above each orifice. The highly turbulent action of these jets creates a uniform gas-liquid contact zone for maximum cleaning, absorption, and heat transfer. The turbulent cleaning action also serves to flush the collected particulate off the plates.

Caustic FGD Scrubber for a major U.S. energy provider


  1. “All-in-one” approach – removes particulate, absorbs contaminants, and cools gases.
  2. Contains no moving parts and scrubber internals are readily accessible for routine maintenance and replacement.
  3. High efficiencies for particulate collection and high mass transfer rates for gas absorption are achieved at low pressure drops and liquid consumption rates.
  4. Both particulate and gases can be collected at the same time from the same gas stream.
  5. Scrubbing liquid can be re-circulated to the top plate stage and high concentration slurries can be tolerated.
  6. Chemical reagents can be added to the recirculation liquid to improve gas absorption efficiency.
  7. Fully customized, site-specific package, including fan, re-circulating liquid system, and controls.


Common applications include, but are not limited to the below. For specialized and unique systems, contact Macrotek.

See the following applications for more details.

For specialized and unique systems, contact Macrotek.

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